A Student Scholarship Story

Adarsha Gurung , Nepal

Student scholarships are vital because many young people who want to attend Crown College, and the School of Trades and Technology, have legitimate financial needs.

The assistance that students receive comes not in the form of a handout, but through working scholarships earned through weekly on-campus employment and is applied toward a student’s tuition. At Crown College, such aid is possible only through private funding.

Though the college fully qualifies for government-funded student loans and grants, we have chosen not to accept federal aid in order to protect our unique mission and purpose. We also understand the value of students graduating without cumbersome debt so that they are free to pursue God’s path for their lives.

A Message from the
Founder & President

Since 1991, we have been training men and women to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. The burden of my heart is to enlist people in the cause of Christ, to train and equip them to continue in “the heritage of the servants of the LORD.”

Our name, “Crown College,” is a constant reminder of our purpose. God’s Word says in Romans 14:12, “Every one of us shall give account of himself to God.” We have no cause of our own—when we truly follow the Lord Jesus Christ, His purpose will become our purpose.

We are seeking to provide a Christ-centered breadth and depth to education. Please pray for the work of Crown College. May God bless you as you seek to “take the high road” in life.





Clarence Sexton
Founder and President
The Crown College