Yesterday was the Crown College of the Bible’s annual trip to the Creation Science Museum in Kentucky.  Students in the Creation Science, Bible and Science, and Teaching Elementary and Secondary Science classes combined with other interested students for a full day of Creation Science education at the Museum.
The day began with an early start from Knoxville, Tennessee, leaving at 6:00AM in our newly purchased 26- passenger touring buses. Upon arrival in Kentucky, we enjoyed the lunch provided by the college and took in the two planetarium presentations.  Many students commented that the “Created Cosmos” presentation was the very best they had ever seen depicting the location of the Earth in relationship to the other planets, and our solar system’s position in relation to the universe.  Certainly, viewing this material in the planetarium added to the awesomeness of the experience as we viewed this expanse that is our God-made universe.

The inside of the Ark replica on display at the Creation Museum
The inside of the Ark on display at the Creation Museum

A highlight of the afternoon was listening to a presentation by Dr. Georgia Purdom, who received her PhD in molecular genetics from Ohio State University, as she conducted a lecture on The Relevance of Creation Science.  Purdom concluded by describing the difference between historical science and observational science, and explaining the importance of these definitions in the apologetics of a Biblical cosmogony today.

As we toured the Creation Science Museum there were many displays, video presentations, dioramas, animatronics, and life-sized scenes that represent the marvelous story of the literal six-day Creation.  The to-scale cross section of the Ark was of particular interest to many students.  Standing inside the life size model really gives a concept of how large the ark actually was.

Of particular interest was the presentation by Bodie Hodge on The Seven C’s of History.  In the presentation, Hodge connects Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation.  This is designed to be an hour-long overview of the Bible history from Creation to the second coming of Christ, in one setting.
We concluded the day by visiting the very well appointed bookstore that contains numerous video and curricular materials, along with many well-known creation authors that are featured throughout the museum.

Group at the Ark