ILN American Sign Language Interpreter Training Program

American Sign Language, the world’s fourth most common language, is the primary language of the Deaf in the U.S. and Canada. Two percent of the Deaf profess to be saved; in addition only seven percent of the Deaf know the name Jesus. With 250 million deaf people in the world and 16 million deaf in America why are churches unable to reach them? Sadly, these people are missing from our churches because interpreters are not available, or they lack the skill in ASL interpreting to convey the message into American Sign Language. The Deaf need qualified interpreters not only to understand the love of Christ, but also to help them in everyday social and professional situations.

International Language Navigators offers an American Sign Language Interpreter Training Program. Learn American Sign Language and become fully integrated in the Deaf ministry at the Temple Baptist Church while preparing to reach the Deaf worldwide.  Both voice-to-sign and sign-to-voice interpreting are stressed in our interpreting courses.  Courses include various interpreting assignments as well as opportunities to participate in interpreting workshops and local Deaf Community events. Unique opportunities for ministry are also found in weekly Bible studies at Knoxville’s Tennessee School for the Deaf.

Training Offered:

To earn completion of the International Language Navigators American Sign Language Interpreter Training Program, participants must successfully finish the following seven courses:

  • Introduction to Deafness

An introductory course providing information on current trends in the field of deafness, hearing loss, and assistive devices.  The course gives a basic introduction into American Sign Language and other English signing systems and provides a more in-depth study of American Deaf culture.

Those who complete this course earn 5.2 CEUs.

  • American Sign Language I

An introductory course in American Sign Language designed to develop receptive and expressive language skills. Natural language production and appropriate cultural interactions will be emphasized. Students will learn basic language structures, acquire a working vocabulary and knowledge of syntax, and appropriate non-manual behaviors in American Sign Language.

Those who complete this course earn 7.8 CEUs

  • American Sign Language II

This course builds on the skills learned in ASL I. Students will learn vocabulary to help them negotiate meaning in a signing environment, talk about daily routines and occupations, and give accurate directions. Finger spelling and numbers will continue to be emphasized as well as ASL grammar.

Those who complete this course earn 7.8 CEUs.

  • American Sign Language III

Students build vocabulary and syntax to make suggestions and requests, express proper sequencing in life events, and describe places and objects. Finger spelling continues to be emphasized.

Those who complete this course earn 7.8 CEUs.

  • American Sign Language IV

Students continue to develop expressive and receptive skills in ASL. Because conversations with the Deaf people should be natural and comfortable, fluency in communicating in ASL is emphasized. Students will also receive a foundation necessary to begin interpreter training.

Those who complete this course earn 7.8 CEUs.

  • American Sign Language Interpreting I

An introductory class into the field of ASL interpreting.  Advanced ASL skills are expected and required.  Students will learn theory, techniques, and principles for interpreting and transliterating between spoken English and ASL (ASL-to-English and English-to-ASL).  Students will also learn and apply current professional ethical standards.

Those who complete this course earn 7.8 CEUs.

  • American Sign Language Interpreting II

This interpreting course builds on skills, principles, and theory already learned in ASL Interpreting I. Students are expected to be proficient in ASL and are held to a higher standard of performance.  Professional ethical practices are emphasized while improving techniques for simultaneous ASL to English and English to ASL interpreting and transliterating.

Those who complete this course earn 7.8 CEUs.

International Language Navigators’ American Sign Language Interpreter Training Program is designed to help students prepare for the Registry for Interpreters of the Deaf National Interpreters Certification knowledge test and with hopes that our students will be able to further their language skill to fully complete the RID’s NIC (Registry for Interpreters of the Deaf National Interpreting Certification)

As an IACET Accredited Provider, International Language Navigators offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standard.  International Language Navigators is authorized by IACET to offer 52 CEUs for this American Sign Language Interpreter Training Program. No partial CEUs will be given to registrants who do not complete the course.  For more information about CEUs, please go to

Requirements to earn CEUs for ILN courses are to submit all assignments and receive at least a 70% average on all course work. Students must attend all classes. As stated in the student handbook, students will be excused from classes for illness or other approved circumstances based on the number of times the course meets per week. Courses that meet three times a week will allow 6 excused absences. Courses that meet twice a week will allow 4 excused absences. Courses that meet once a week will allow 2 excused absences.

Any works written or recorded by faculty members at the direction of the college and while under employment of the college are deemed to be owned by the college. The college retains all rights to use such materials at its discretion. Such works are subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act, as it pertains to work-for-hire materials.

Neither International Language Navigators nor any International Language Navigators’ instructor has proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service, or material discussed during the learning event.

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