Crown College has always helped students by providing financial aid and assistance as students and their families seek opportunities to fund their education.

Crown is listed in the Department of Education’s Directory of Postsecondary Institutions.  This listing (OPE ID #04224000) will assist students in pursuing a number of private financing opportunities. Options include scholarships, grants, and private student loans.

Ideas for private funding

  • Students often receive financial aid through the personal investment of family members and members of their local church.
  • Many pastors lead their churches to support students on a monthly basis.
  • Other students have discovered available financial aid through an employer or a parent’s employer.
  • A growing number of businesses provide educational benefits for students may qualify.
  • In addition, many privately funded scholarships are available.

Helpful tips for the scholarship search
Finding scholarships involves prayer and diligent work. Here are a few suggestions to guide your search:

  • Begin immediately. Most scholarships deadlines occur months before the academic year starts.
  • Keep records to avoid duplication of effort and to track requirements and documents you need to compile.
  • Complete each application thoroughly, paying particular attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Some may require a brief essay; read and follow directions carefully.
  • Meet all deadlines. If an agency has more applications than funds to award, incomplete or late applications are not likely to receive attention.
  • Do not get discouraged nor assume that you will not qualify for a scholarship. The rising cost of college has made many families eligible for need-based assistance. Don’t give up!