Crown is approved by the State Approving Authority for veterans’ training benefits.

Qualified students can receive education benefits from the Montgomery Bill, as well as the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill (also called Chapter 33). Call your VA counselor at 888-442-4551 or go to the VA website ( for more information. Applications are currently being accepted and can be submitted online.

Guidelines and requirements

Apply to the VA to determine your eligibility using VA Form 22-1990, Application for Education Benefits (this form can be submitted online at Chapter 35 applicants use VA 22-5490 application form. Generally, if you have already completed this form in the past, and there are no substantial changes to your program (for example: changing colleges, schools, or majors) it will not be necessary to submit a new form each year.

The VA Regional Office in St Louis manages VA benefits for students attending Crown. If you filed an application for benefits at another regional office you may experience a significant delay. The St. Louis regional office cannot proceed with your request until it has approved your application, or has on file a copy of a Certificate of Eligibility issued by another VA Regional Office. This is vital for first-time applicants. If you already have a Certificate of Eligibility from another VA regional office, send a copy to the St. Louis office (address below) immediately.

It is important to keep in mind that VA benefits are based on enrollment status in courses directly required by the degree program in which you are enrolled:
Full-time student 12+ hours
3/4-time student 9-11 hours
Half-time student 6-8 hours
Less than half but more than quarter-time student 4-5 hours
Quarter-time student 1-3 hours

Please note:

  • You must submit a DD214, Certificate of Release from Active Duty, to Crown before registration (except applicants in Chapters 31 and 35).
  • You must provide Crown with copies of all VA forms you have submitted (student files are audited by the VA periodically).
  • You must contact the VA every month during the semester to confirm your continued enrollment (877.823.2378).
  • You must sign and return the Veteran Student Addendum form to the Registrar’s Office each year.
  • You must sign and return the Student Handbook Acknowledgement form to the Registrar’s Office.
  • You must keep the VA advised of any change of address or direct deposit by calling the VA (877.838.2778) or the St. Louis Regional Office (888.442.4551).

For more information on VA Education Benefits categories (chapters) and their specific requirements, go to the VA web site. and select Education Benefits.

Actions and assistance for qualifying students
The Registrar’s Office will submit Form 22-1999, Enrollment Verification,  to the VA each semester for each student following registration and preregistration.

The Registrar’s Office will complete Form 22-1999b, Notice of Change in Student Status, when…

  • The student withdraws or is withdrawn from classes.
  • The student reaches his delimiting date.
  • The student has a change in his scheduled clock hours (via drops or adds).

The Registrar’s Office maintains a VA file for each student (retained for at least three years after completion of the course of study or after becoming inactive). Included in the file are:

  • DD 214
  • Class schedules
  • Most recent transcript
  • College copies of all VA forms
  • Student Handbook Acknowledgment Form

Contacts for Veterans' Benefits
Veterans’ Administration Regional Office
P.O. Box 66830
St Louis, MO  63166-6830

VA Education Benefits & Records: 1.888.442.4551 or

To report monthly verification of enrollment: 877.823.2378

Deborah Gardner, Director
Veterans Education
Tennessee Higher Education Commission
Parkway Towers, Suite 1900
404 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville  TN  37243-0830