Part of the living legacy of Crown College is a family of 2,500 alumni that reaches into every state and stretches around the world. Each week we receive multiple accounts that God is using our graduates and their families in His wonderful work.  Dr. Sexton was recently with alumni pastor Fred Ayers (‘97) at Walnut Creek Baptist Church in Erie, Pennsylvania,  and was greeted by a number of alumni who attended the meeting.

Alumni Pete (01) and Sandra Folger and family with Pastor Sexton at the recent meeting in Erie, Pennsylvania
Alumni Pete and Sandra Folger (01) and family with Pastor Sexton at the recent meeting in Erie, Pennsylvania.

We are asking our alumni family to pray for Hilde Boese, the one-year old daughter of Aaron (‘98) and Heather (’01) Boese. Hilde underwent open-heart surgery on Friday, February 21, and is recovering well. We have included contact information for the Boese family if you would like to assure them of your prayers.
Aaron & Heather Boese
31 Benton Road
Saginaw, MI

Have you recently been married, celebrated an addition to your family, become a pastor or staff member in a new church? As you can imagine, keeping tabs on an alumni family as large as ours is a full-time job. But we have made updating your personal information simple and quick. Use the Information Update to let us know how your family’s life has changed recently. Follow us @CrownAlumni to see news and events of interest to our graduates.
We are working to connect recent graduates and other alumni with churches and ministries through the nation that are seeking pastors, staff, and faculty through placement assistance.
Each April, the Baptist Friends meeting becomes an alumni reunion as hundreds of graduates make their way home – many for a day and some for the entire week. Pastor and Mrs. Sexton would love to see you and your family. Come home and join us for the alumni luncheon & reception on Tuesday, April 15, at noon. Graduates and their immediate families will be our guests for lunch that day. Please RSVP for the luncheon.
One last thing! Recommend a young person to walk the old paths you walked at Crown College.
For now we live, if ye stand fast in the Lord.  1 Thessalonians 3:8