This year’s Faithful Men’s Meeting was a wonderful time of refreshing and encouragement from the very presence of the Lord.  The meeting began with our Faithful Men’s Banquet with nearly 2,500 men gathered at the Great Hall of Crown College.  Steve Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby, was the guest speaker, and he was joined by Congressmen, dignitaries, pastors, businessmen, and fellow believers from all walks of life.  The Crown College Choir and the Greater Knoxville Children’s Choir stirred our hearts with songs about the Lord and America.  Senator Lamar Alexander played a wonderful rendition of Amazing Grace, and the delightful steak dinner was followed by Mr. Green sharing his passion for taking men and women across America back to the Bible.  The Green family will be opening a Bible Museum in our nation’s capital not far from the Capital building itself. Please be praying for this emphasis on America returning to the Bible or to a revolution back to the Bible.

Pastor Craig Edwards preached Sunday morning from the well-known text of Romans 8:28-29, reminding us all that God has promised every Christian that He is molding and making our lives into the image of Jesus Christ.  He preached that nothing in this life or the one to come will ever separate us from the love of our caring heavenly Father.

Dr. Mitch Campbell shared a heart searching presentation from the life of Solomon on Sunday evening.  The Lord used Dr. Campbell to remind us all of the brevity of life and of the eternal importance of setting our minds to do the Lord’s bidding with the time we have here on earth.  It is so easy for us to get sidetracked by seeking after positions of prominence and power, or even to give our life to attaining earthly possessions.  In the end, these vain pursuits leave our lives empty and without meaning.

Christian Businessman Tom Raper did an exceptional job in the Monday morning service exhorting Christians in the workplace to live their lives with integrity, honesty, and Christ-likeness as they face a world that is searching for the treasure of the gospel we have in our hearts.

Tuesday’s messages were both on faith.  In the morning session, Evangelist Byron Foxx preached on Peter walking on the water and how to exercise our faith in the Lord.  It was a sermon filled with wonderful insights into the practical application of living by faith.  On Tuesday evening, Evangelist Otis Duhart preached with great enthusiasm on Jonathan and his armor-bearer.  The two had faith that God would deliver the garrison of the Philistines into their hands.  Evangelist Duhart challenged young and old alike to step out in faith by sharing the gospel of Jesus.

The meeting concluded on Wednesday with a powerful message by Pastor Craig Edwards on Peter’s denial.  This message reminded us of the compassion of Jesus as “Jesus wept” with Mary and Martha at the tomb of Lazarus.  Today He is still touched with every heartache, every tear, and every trouble that His dear children experience.  Jesus cares.

You may watched the archived messages on the Crown College YouTube channel.  You may view more pictures at The Crown College Facebook page.