Juniors and seniors can now complete required high school courses and get a head start on their college degree at the same time. Take advantage of our outstanding online courses through Crown Online’s Early Advantage Dual Enrollment program!

  • Save hundreds of dollars per course while earning college credit hours.
  • Study anywhere, anytime with 100% online courses.
  • Earn up to 36 hours of college credit before you reach campus.


Fall and spring courses are taught in a 16-week semester format from the same biblical worldview as Crown’s on-campus courses. Summer courses are taught in an 8-week format.

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Junior year suggested courses

Fall courses
BI101 – Old Testament Survey
3 credit hours, 16-week online course

A survey of the entire Old Testament including the books of law, history, poetry, and prophecy, with special regard to its historical context. The authorship, time of writing, theme, key words, key verse, and outlines are given for each book. Consideration is also given to the contribution of each book to God’s total written revelation.

SC401 – Creation Science
3 credit hours, 16-week online course

A study of the facts of Genesis chapters 1-9 and their implications on biological and physical sciences. Comparison of creation and the Flood with evolution as models of the origin of the universe, life, and man.

Spring courses
BI102 – New Testament Survey
3 credit hours, 16-week online course

A survey of the entire New Testament with special regard to its historical context, including the intertestamental period. Emphasis is placed on elements such as the theme, key verse and words, as well as the background of the author. Highlighted are the life of Christ, the establishment of the church, and those teachings concerning the believer’s faith and practice.

MA123 – Introductory Algebra
3 credit hours, 16-week online course

Establishes a foundation in algebraic concepts and problem solving. Topics include signed numbers, exponents, order of operations, simplifying expressions, solving linear equations and inequalities, graphing, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions and equations, systems of equations, radical expressions and equations, solving quadratic equations, and basic elements of geometry.

Summer A course
EN361 – Classic Christian Literature
3 credit hours, 8-week online course

A directed-study introduction to enduring Christian authors and those works deemed most helpful to the Christian worker. Emphasis is given to excerpts from classic Christian literature, commentaries, devotional, and biographical works.

Summer B course
HI130 – Geography of the Middle East 

2 credit hours, 8-week online course

Introduces the student to the ancient lands at the center of the Old and New Testament including Mesopotamia, Palestine, Egypt and the Greco-Roman world. Particular emphasis will be given to the topography, regions, towns, biblical events, figures and common cultural elements most associated with the Promised Land during Bible times.

Senior year suggested courses

Fall courses
EN101 – Grammar and Composition I
3 credit hours, 16-week online course

An in-depth review of traditional English grammar; including parts of speech, sentence structure, agreement, and diagramming.

HI101 – History of Civilization I
3 credit hours, 16-week online course

A survey of ancient, medieval, and modern history, from the advent of written language to the sixteenth century. Events of human history are considered in light of Scripture. Emphasis is placed on western civilization.

Spring courses
EN102 – Grammar and Composition II
3 credit hours, 16-week online course

Instruction in basic writing and research, culminating in a major research paper emphasizing grammatical correctness and style. Prerequisite: EN 101

HI102 – History of Civilization II
3 credit hours, 16-week online course

Continuation of HI 101 focusing on world civilizations from 1600 to the present, with emphasis on the development of the nation-state; constitutional government; a comparison of the French, American, and Russian Revolutions; and the World Wars. Prerequisite: HI 101 or consent of instructor

BI356 – Romans
2 credit hours, 16-week online course

A thorough study of the book of Romans with emphasis upon its foundational nature in the New Testament canon and its contribution to the doctrine of salvation and sanctification.

Summer A course
MA323 – College Algebra
3 credit hours, 16-week online course

Mastery of variables, algebraic expressions, and problem solving; linear equations and inequalities; polynomials and operations, including factoring; form, operations, and solving of rational, radical (complex numbers), exponential, and logarithmic equations; and sequences and series. Prerequisite: MA 122/123

Summer B course
BI204 – Principles and Methods of Bible Study 
2 credit hours, 8-week online course

An introduction to the grammatical-historical method of biblical interpretation emphasizing the application of the principles learned. From a premillennial perspective, attention is given to dispensationalism, prophecy, and typology. Difficult passages are given particular consideration.

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