The online Foundation for Christian Life certificate program is designed to prepare a student to understand and effectively apply the Word of God to his life. In just three semesters, you will acquire a functional knowledge of the Word of God that will equip you for a lifetime of fruitful service to Christ, no matter where He may lead.

Fall A courses
HI130 – Geography of the Middle East
2 credit hours, 8-week online course

Introduces the student to the ancient lands at the center of the Old and New Testament including Mesopotamia, Palestine, Egypt and the Greco-Roman world. Particular emphasis will be given to the topography, regions, towns, biblical events, figures and common cultural elements most associated with the Promised Land during Bible times.


  • The New Moody Atlas of the Bible – Barry Beitzel


BI211 – Bible Doctrine I
3 credit hours, 8-week online course

This course lays a foundation of Bible doctrine in the subjects of Bibliology, Theology, Christology, Pneumatology, and Angelology.


  • Elemental Theology – Emery H. Bancroft
  • The Lord Gave the Word – Malcolm H. Watts

Spring A courses
BI203 – Methods of Bible Teaching
2 credit hours, 8-week online course

A study of the methods of Bible teaching used in Scripture and how to employ these methods to become a more effective teacher of God’s Word in a variety of settings and to any age group.


  • Effective Bible Teaching, 2nd edition – James C. Wilhoit and Leland Ryken
  • Building an Outreach Sunday School  – Jill Masters


CM121 – Personal Evangelism
2 credit hours, 8-week online course

An introduction to effective and faithful personal witnessing for Christ. Bible passages most frequently used in soul winning are covered, and instruction is given on handling and answering difficult questions. Discipleship of the new believer is emphasized.


  • Following Christ and Fishing for Men – Clarence Sexton
  • The Shadow of the Broad Brim – Richard Ellsworth Day

Summer A courses
CM132 – Living the Christian Life
2 credit hours, 8-week online course

The open secret of looking to Christ in the victorious Christian life is the cornerstone of this course. The pursuit of Christ and the necessity of the personal devotional life are emphasized.


  • Truths Every Christian Needs to Know – Clarence Sexton
  • Issues of Life Answered from the Bible – Clarence Sexton
  • Keys to Living the Christian Life – Clarence Sexton


HI491 – Baptist History and Distinctives
3 credit hours, 8-week online course

Survey of the distinctive beliefs that have consistently characterized the Baptist people from the days of the early church to the present day. Provides an excellent complement to church history.


  • A History of the Baptists, 2 volumes – John Christian (available for download on the course page)

Fall B courses
BI206 – Principles and Methods of Bible Study
2 credit hours, 8-week online course

An introduction to the grammatical-historical method of Bible interpretation emphasizing the principles learned. The course is taught from the premillennial perspective with attention given to dispensationalism, prophecy, and typology.

  • Bible Explorer’s Guide: How to Understand and Interpret the Bible – John Phillips


BI212 – Bible Doctrine II
3 credit hours, 8-week online course

A systematic and progressive study of the body of doctrine given in the Scriptures. Foundational doctrines covered include Anthropology (man), Hamartiology (sin), Soteriology (salvation), Ecclesiology (the church), and Eschatology (last things).


  • Elemental Theology – Emery H. Bancroft

Spring B courses
BI102 – New Testament Survey
3 credit hours, 8-week online course

A survey of the entire New Testament with special regard to its historical context, including the intertestamental period. Emphasis is placed on elements such as the theme, key verse and key words, as well as the background of the human penman.


  • Explore the Book – J. Sidlow Baxter
  • Family Devotional Guides 8-12 – Clarence Sexton


MI101 – Introduction to Missions
2 credit hours, 8-week online course

Establishes the biblical basis and methodology for missionary work found in the book of Acts. A general survey of fields, agencies, and the vital imperative of local church responsibility in worldwide soul winning and church planting are included.

  • The Life of David Brainerd – Oswald J. Smith
  • Bruchko – Bruce Olson

Summer B courses
BI101 – Old Testament Survey
3 credit hours, 8-week online course

A survey of the entire Old Testament including the books of law, history, poetry, and prophecy, with special regard to its historical context. The authorship, time of writing, theme, key words, key verse, and outlines are given for each book. Consideration is also given to the contribution of each book to God’s total written revelation.


  • Explore the Book – J. Sidlow Baxter
  • Family Devotional Guides 1-7 – Clarence Sexton


SC401 – Creation Science
3 credit hours, 8-week online course

Analysis of Genesis 1-9 and the implications of a literal six-day creation on biological and physical sciences. Comparison of creation and the Flood with evolution as models of the origin of the universe, life, and man.


  • The New Answers Books, Volumes 1-4 – Ken Ham

Academic diligence and intelligent defense of the faith often necessitate the use of books which include views, authors, or Bible versions quoted we do not necessarily recommend or endorse. That Crown College is an institution which holds to sound biblical doctrine and uses and recommends the Authorized King James Version is well known.

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