10432965_1619468794952416_8538684885180831528_nIn August 1994, freshman Troy Holmes arrived from his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  It wasn’t long before Troy became known on campus for a courteous, friendly manner and an eagerness to be involved in any ministry opportunity that came his way.

During his junior year, Troy was suddenly taken home to heaven in a work-related accident on March 7, 1997. The hearts of his fellow students were broken at what seemed to be a life ended far too early. It was then that Pastor Sexton determined that Troy’s life and his passion for Christ would never be forgotten.

Each year, Troy’s home going is commemorated by a college-wide soul winning emphasis that reaches throughout the greater Knoxville area. On Friday, March 27, the entire student body, along with administrators and faculty members, met with Pastor Sexton to organize, pray, and then board buses to knock on thousands of doors in neighborhoods all over the city and county.

Students spent the day in fifteen communities around the area and on the campus of the University of Tennessee. The Lord blessed with souls being saved, and the gospel was given to hundreds more. Pray that many more folks will come to faith in Christ as students and other workers revisit these contacts during the next several days.